Monday, July 7, 2014

Freedom Festival 5K Run

Obviously, since my goal is to run a half-marathon, I have to approach it with baby steps.  So, I ran a 5k on the Fourth of July in Provo.  It felt GREAT!  I've been training with a great app that tells me when to run and walk and what not.  My goals for this run were to not finish in last place and to run the whole thing (no walking). I succeeded in both. Around mile 2, I had to pump myself up because I was really feeling the pain. And they decided to make the last mile uphill. Also, as you can see, I ran it in 34:30 and came in 1481(st?) place! Out of about 5000, I'll take it! 

One thing that kept me focused is I made a mix with a DJ program I have on my computer. I compiled about 40 minutes worth of songs in one continuous track. I sped or dragged all songs so they were 155 BPM (or 77 BPM) and seamlessly transitioned between each track. 155 is my sweet spot. Not too fast and not too slow. I got this idea from an app called Rock My Run, where pro DJs have submitted similar mixes. This was so I can step to the beat and keep the same rhythm for the entire run. It really helps maintain the pace and pumps me up. I recommend checking out that app or even making your own.

Anyway, I want to run another one or two before I tackle a 10k.  I'll do that a couple of times and then I will start focusing on a half-marathon.  Here are pics from the run:

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